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Kids in the Marina April 1 2010

It’s an interesting sight seeing kids running up and down the docks in La Cruz.  When we first arrived, there were several families getting ready for the puddle jump, and the docks were busy with lots of kids ranging from 4-12 on their scooters.  I call the following picture the Scooter Gang.[singlepic id=276 w=568 h=424 [...]

On board Oblivion is a set of necessary devices:  a barometer and a clock.  Both are beautiful pieces—round, brass, nautical looking pieces.  The barometer is accurate as far as I can tell.   I have not become familiar with the barometer much and leave that device to others.  But the lovely clock is a bit of [...]

Yes, it’s true.  Jeff has dutifully “guilted” us into posting on the website!  A few days ago, Jeff noted that there were 91 posts made on the Oblivion website altogether and mentioned, kindly, that Thane and I only had a small percentage of them.  Thanks, Jeff, for putting it in those terms. But, since almost [...]

It was the first night of Carnaval festivities, and Thane and I went to town to check it out (it was also the first night for all on Oblivion to be down for the count with M’s Revenge, read Nancy and Jeff’s posts for those details) The place for the festivities is the Malecon (Spanish [...]

Are we friends yet? February 4 2010

Topolobampo! Have fun saying this name!  Just say it as you see it with long ‘o’ sounds:  Top-o-lo-bam-po! Thane and I have had great fun getting to know some of the people of Topolobampo.  Our first encounter was with two women serving seafood ceviche at their small—stools up to the counter—street side café.  It’s the [...]

Things That Make Mexico Great! One of the first things to appreciate about Mexico is that they know how to watch movies. One of the nights in Cabo San Lucas, Jeff, Nancy, Thane, and I went to see the Sherlock Holmes movie. Thane and I went to get tickets and make sure of the time [...]

Paradise? January 13 2010

Our first night on the boat was in Cabo San Lucas.  We left Sioux Falls in -20 wind chill and arrived in Mexico’s lovely 80 degree “dry heat”!  (It really is a dry heat–and dusty, too!) We’ve been to other lovely weather locations and have often heard “welcome to paradise,” or “it’s another day in [...]