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Death Cab for Cutie February 12 2011

Death Cab for Cutie A play in 3 acts Written by Jeff Kirstein Performed by         Jeff Kirstein (Death Cab) and Tim Losch (Cutië) I  believe it was an accident the first time I tried to kill Tim. I made a simple offer: how about flying to Utah and joining me, my sister (Jen) [...]

Road Trip August 18 2010

Last week we threw some junk in the Ick, loaded up Conrad and hit the road to visit our friends Gerd and Bonnie in Montana.  We met Gerd at a Chinese restaurant in Manzanillo and it turns out that we were anchored right next to him in front of the Las Hadas Hotel…he’s sailing mostly [...]

It’s been almost 2 years since we adopted Oblivion.  Those 2 years have been filled with lots and lots of memories, some good and some bad. Here’s a recap of some of the highlights: Grounding at Oyster Point Marina: It was a full moon night and Bryan H. was in town to visit us.  Nancy [...]

You Look Pissed, Ben. July 25 2010

And believe me, you’ve got every right to be.  That’s a line from “The Running Man“, a super great 80′s movie with Richard Dawson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lately I’ve felt like   Ben Wallace.  I’ve felt like I’ve been fighting an uphill battle against American society.  Unfortunately for me, there’s no Damon Killian that I [...]

Balance July 5 2010

Both Nancy and I felt slightly uncomfortable flying into Sioux Falls last week.  It was irrational for us to feel anything but happiness at being able to see our parents, siblings, friends, and of course Conrad Messner (our beloved dog).  If you’d pressed us I don’t think we could have put into words why we [...]

Sailing Forums June 22 2010

I believe that every guy (and I mean guys, not girls) has a curiosity about sailing.  We just want to understand how it works.  About 5 years ago I was that guy.  At first I was satisfied with reading about it.  I read several books…Joshua Slocum’s  “Sailing Around the World”.  Tania Aebi’s “Maiden Voyage”  Peter [...]

Back in the U.S.S.A. June 21 2010

Our tourists visas were up in a few hours.  We were on the verge of becoming illegal aliens.  Yes, that’s right. Caucasians can be illegal immigrants, too.  (in case you missed my earlier blog on this subject, probably millions of Americans are illegally staying in Mexico right now) Faced with the real possibility of being [...]

Land of Broken Dreams June 17 2010

We’re finally there.  San Carlos.  The Land of Broken Dreams.  The Place Where Dreams Go to Die.  And it’s almost exactly like I’d envisioned it, only worse. Against the advice of other sailors and our Lonely Planet guide, we spent the last week in Guaymas.  (LP had nothing good to say about Guaymas whatsoever) And [...]

Now that I have your attention, the answer is rather elementary my Dear Watson. (I recently read the complete Sherlock Holmes and was disappointed to learn that he only uttered that line once in all the stories!) Everyone should have to live on a boat for a few months.  There can be no better way [...]

Sailor Survey June 12 2010

Before leaving San Francisco, I thought I knew what kind of people I’d be running into around the anchorages and marinas. What little bit of experience I had on a boat was either in San Francisco Bay (maybe 30 days on the water) or in the British Virgin Islands (1 week). And to be fair, [...]