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As you all know, the Paulsens departed Oblivion in late April to return to civilization and all that comes with it: alarm clocks, schedules, fast food (most of it fried) , traffic, and work.. that thing you do between weekends. On the positive side, we’re back to our queen sized bed that doesn’t have a [...]

Here are a couple of little tidbits that will add color to our day to day experiences… brought to you by the letter “T.” “T” is for Teasing Crackling noises: Every night when we go to bed we hear crackling noises.. kind of sounds like Snap, Crackle and Pop are on the deck, or below [...]

Fire in the Hole! March 3 2010

One night last week Jeff and Nancy told us that they wanted to share one of their favorite meals with us.. and asked whether we could stay away from the boat till 6:30pm while they prepped it. “Sure!” we said.. and we did as we were instructed. We were greeted with great smells as we [...]

Life in LaCruz March 3 2010

OK, as you may have read in Brenda’s post tonight, Jeff is reminding us that our loved ones REALLY do want to know what is happening… so here we go. (sorry it’s been so long.) We have been in the Puerto Vallarta area for coming up on two weeks in a marina known as Marina [...]

When the thriller movie “the birds” was filmed.. Alfred didn’t know about Isla Isabela. It is a remarkable uninhabited island that is only a mile long and wide, but is an amazing bird sancturary. Literally hundreds of thousands of frigate birds nest in the trees and shrubs all around you and the not-so-famous blue-footed-boobie birds [...]

Pineapple Express February 18 2010

We heard on the VHF radio that a Pineapple Express was on its way down the coast approaching our location in San Blas.. a small fishing community halfway between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. The express is a tropical depression that brings rain and some wind with it, but mostly rain.  So when we woke up [...]

Today, just like yesterday, we got up at 5am to walk to the bus station by 6 am.  And today, just like yesterday, we missed the bus by 2 minutes so got into a cab instead. And today, just iike yesterday, we drove to the train station to take the Chepe train to Copper Canyon. [...]

I’ll have to do some more research on Montezuma and why he is taking out his frustrations on my intestinal tract.  A couple of days ago I had a taste of his “revenge” and recovered somewhat yesterday.  Felt pretty good by last evening… good enough to enjoy a hand-crafted drink by a mixologist (Migal, or [...]

For those who know me, and many of you do, you will understand when I say that operating without a schedule is tough.  There is a “weather system” moving in tomorrow, so we decided to hunker down here instead of motorsailing on to LaPaz.  Being a bit conservative with bad weather (in this case bad [...]

No Pain, No Gain January 13 2010

Now that we’ve been in Mexico for all of a week… I can start to understand what my daughter Kate meant when, after living in California for a few seasons said.. “one of the things I miss most about South Dakota are the seasons…” In one week, we have not seen a cloud. Every day [...]