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the end game December 20 2011

re: that last post, PDR stands for People’s Democratic Republic. laos isn’t the first communist country i’ve visited and certainly won’t be the last. as americans, we tend to think words like democratic and communist don’t go together (excluding the Tea Party folks) but maybe they do for some? seems to work pretty well for [...]

The PDR of Laos December 17 2011

After 41 hours of travel, we arrived in the capital, Vientiane, yesterday. Warm tropical air scented with incense and smoke filled my nose and I am filled with the grateful feeling of being back in Southeast Asia. Let the travel begin!

they’ve done it March 20 2011

hey skipper. you know your idea about tiny ice cream drumsticks? well, these fun loving aussies beat you to it. check out this pic. -tim

the wizard March 20 2011

you knew there was no way I wasn’t going to use that line right? well, i am a simple mind and avoiding an obvious metaphor just isn’t in my skill set. as i sit here in the sydney airport waiting to catch the time machine that is united flight 840 i am struck with one [...]

it’s not the destination but the journey. usually that is the case with this blog right? well not so for this posting. this one is about the destination. katoomba is the spot. go ahead and google it. you’ll find out that it is a small town in the blue mountains just outside of sydney. it [...]

no worries mate March 15 2011

pt. douglas is australia’s answer to jackson hole wy. seriously, it is. do they sell some kit that tells you how set up a cool, kick ass town that makes you want to move there? this place is great. with one exception, the food is crazy expensive. is it the close proximity to a wonder [...]

damn that was cool March 15 2011

i will write a more substantial post later but I have to say a few words on today’s exploration of the great barrier reef. holy shit is it cool. spent much of the day thinking about captain cook and the trouble he ran into (please forgive the pun). those sailors were damn ballsy. some wicked [...]

the yellow brick road March 13 2011

here I am in oz wiith brandi and dale (my father-inlaw). jeff isn’t here so my odds of leaving the country in one piece are pretty good. first impressions of Sydney are excellent. good vibe, great weather and friendly peeps. expensive as hell though. seems like a fitting possible home for oblivion. long off into [...]

Cutie Weighs In February 14 2011

by now you have read jeff’s play and may be wondering if it is a work of fact or fiction. i can assure you that it is fact, though i offer the following to clear up a couple of factual errors and to provide one more perspective on key moments. ACT 1 the skipper’s account [...]

patience my dear, patience December 13 2010

it’s on. it is so on. i can hardly contain my excitement. we’re headed back for a short visit with oblivion! moving her down the sea of cortez is a big deal. breaking her out of that buzzkill of a yard is most excellent, i know it’s really nice and blah blah blah, but this [...]